About AUP

Picture it.  Greenfield, Indiana.  2009.

R. Brian Noffke has recently moved to Greenfield and learns that a local theatre company is doing one of his favorite shows, “Fiddler on the Roof”.  He decides to audition.  He lands the coveted role of Tevye and is also asked to stage the musical numbers. He then starts rehearsing with the cast.  Brian knows very few cast members, which is a novelty for this seasoned performer.

In the course of rehearsals, Brian meets Robert and Beth Hofmann who just happen to live within a mile from his house.  As they get to know each other – their passion for theatre and the arts is a common bond that binds them together through good times and bad.  It isn’t long before Brian expresses his long-time dream of starting his own acting school and theatre company.  Robert, an artist, has always dreamed of running his own art studio and gallery.  And after meeting the love of her life in a production of “Children of Eden”, Beth always wanted to utilize her creativity to make a difference in the lives of others.

Inevitably, the conversation would always return to this hopeful fantasy.  This ‘someday-maybe’ castle in the sky.  So many ideas and plans were created and set aside for a rainy day.

In 2011, a tide turned.  Maybe it was another year passing so quickly.  Maybe the moon was in Jupiter and the Heavens were shining on them.  Maybe it was the burst of creativity that exploded all over a sketchpad that fateful night.  But something happened to make their dreams a reality . . .

They jumped.

And Acting Up Productions was born. .


2013/2014 Season- At Home At the Zoo, Where Are You Christmas?, Kids on Broadway, A Streetcar Named Desire, Life Upon the Wicked Stage, The Tragedy of Hamlet

2012/2013 Season- Night of the Living Dead-Part 2, Jacob Marley’s Christmas Carol, An Evening with Sondheim. Wishes and Dreams, Twelfth Night, The Underpants, Our Town

2011/2012 Season- Night of the Living Dead-Part 1, Confessions of a Highway Flirt, Two Rooms,  An Evening with Bob Dylan, Nevermore the Musical, An Evening with Cole Porter/Hoagy Carmichael