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Acting Up Productions is pleased to announce auditions for “A Christmas Carol:  A Ghost Story of Christmas” to be presented December 2016 @ The Indy Eleven Theatre, located at the IndyFringe Building; Downtown Indianapolis

AUP Artistic director, R. Brian Noffke, has adapted the traditional “A Christmas Carol – A Ghost Story of Christmas”, by Charles Dickens into a new re-telling of a Christmas classic.  A choir of specters (ghosts), a narrator that doubles as Scrooge, a mix of original and traditional music, along with creative lighting, sound, and multimedia recreate Dickens’ ghostly tale in a new and haunting production. David Dean, Indianapolis composer/pianist has written all the music with a blend of original and traditional music.  Noffke will take on the role of the Narrator/Scrooge and will direct the production.  Other creative staff includes sound design by Roy Chamberlin.

Stay Tuned for more information on Workshops, Auditions and Performances!


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